How-to fix vMA 5.0 password complexity issue

Many admins have already been hit by very strict password complexity requirements of new vSphere Management Assistant 5.0. Having a strict password policy is a good thing to some degree but in vMA 5.0 it goes well above and beyond of just annoying.


Fortunately there is a fix so you can get rid of this nuisance. Before you follow instructions below, please make sure that by doing so you do not violate your company security policy.

  1. Set valid password for vi-admin, for example Qazx123!# should do
  2. Login to vMA shell as vi-admin
  3. Elevate session as root with “sudo –s
  4. Run “pam-config –d –-cracklib”, note double dashes on front of cracklib
  5. Exit root shell with “exit
  6. Change vi-admin password with “passwd” to your liking

Above pam-config command disables cracklib in vMA PAM (pluggable authentication module) configuration, cracklib is a PAM library which is used to enforce Linux, and it this case vMA account password strength.

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