VMware Data Recovery, file level restores 1

VMware Data Recovery, file level restores
VMware Data Recovery (VDR) backup solution has support for file level restore, or FLR as VMware calls it in context of VDR product. Even though FLR is still experimental feature it hasn’t failed me yet. FLR is currently available only for Windows XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008 virtual machines, there is no word about Linux ...

vSphere Fault Tolerance, what you should know

With vSphere VMware introduced to us their new high availability feature “Fault Tolerance” (FT from now on). In short FT is to memory state of server what RAID-1 is to disks storage data, FT mirrors copy of the virtual machine CPU and memory state to another hardware. FT runs an exact copy of protected virtual ...

VCP4 exam now in VUE test centers near you

I got mail from VMware yesterday stating that VCP exam for vSphere is now available in Pearson VUE test centers. I’m thinking of taking my exam in september, but I still need some hands on experience of some new features so I need to log in more hours at vSphere lab. I actually got invitation ...

The Beginning

This is a start of my IT virtualization related blog. Although my main interest is in VMware based virtualization  solutions I will also write about other issues and solutions as they cross my path while working as IT consultant. – Tomi Hakala